Adam Wheatley

Adam Wheatley, Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Owner of the Year 2011, started his business in May 2005 and has gone on to develop an extremely successful business.

“This is tremendously exciting…I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

“I’ve just completed my second best year which is pretty spectacular considering that my best year was tremendous. I reckon that if I exclude the first two years when you are building your business, my average income would be about £120,000 a year.” “I am absolutely 100% glad that I have done it, the fact that I am still doing it after nine years is evidence of that, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

Life before Expense Reduction Analysts

“Prior to joining I had been in a variety of different business strategy and business management roles including food and IT.

On reflection, I could never go and work for someone else again I now have the ability to be my own boss, and to be in control of what I think is best for my business. It is both of these factors that have made running my own Cost, Purchase & Supplier Management franchise tremendously exciting for me”.

“There is always a desire to work with new franchisees”

“One question I get asked quite regularly is whether established franchise owners help those who have just completed their training. Within our business there is a strong desire to work with new franchise owners. We are constantly want to develop our business and are always looking for quality people that we can involve. Working together enhances both businesses.

It requires effort and energy in order to gain that ability to become the preferred partner for joint venture partners, but I am always on the lookout for good people to work with.”

Adam is also an active member of Expense Reduction Analysts Advisory Board, was instrumental in the development of the 5 year strategic plan introduce at the Franchise Conference in June 2011.

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