Our Franchise Partners

Craig Warhurst

Keeping it in the family! “I couldn’t have found a better fit for my strengths, experience and the work/life balance I was looking for. I think of all those years I spent working away from home, climbing the corporate ladder, and it’s worlds away from…

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Alastair Baker

Teamwork makes the dream work! “In all honestly, one of the best things about being a franchisee, for me, is that I really enjoy what I do. Don’t underestimate the value of enjoying your work – not many people can say that and mean it!”…

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Tracy Follows

10 years of success spurred me on for 10 more! “After 10 years, my business continues to exceed expectations. I enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of earnings and lifestyle and on top of that, feel an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction…

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Sean Bingham

I didn’t think I wanted to be my own boss: it’s the best thing I ever did! “I never really wanted my own business and now, eight years on, I couldn’t imagine being without it! It’s changed my life in so many positive ways. Financially…

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Harsha Patel

Over the last 10 years, Harsha Patel and her husband Pritesh have built their Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchise into a highly profitable and rewarding business. For two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 their business ranked as one of the top performing out of…

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Brian Pinner

“By investing in an Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchise, I’ve been able to enjoy watching my children grow up, earn a good income and build a legacy for my son to take over when I retire.”  Over the last 19 years, Brian Pinner has built... Read More

Steve Rhodes

“When I came across the ERA opportunity, I immediately felt that it was something I could see myself doing. The relationship selling side of it was something that I felt very comfortable with and understood the nature of. I was pleasantly surprised to find the... Read More

Lorraine Gannon

“My franchise has changed my life. I make great money, love what I do and as a direct result of the business, my husband and I have been able to pursue our hobby of property development. The flexibility I’ve gained means that I can work... Read More

Keith McGregor

“My goal is to grow my client base by working full time to generate as much income as I can.   Then, at my 10 year renewal point, re-sign my agreement and look to wind down a little to really enjoy the fruits of my... Read More

Paul Gannon

"So good I did it again!" Looking ahead to the next ten years, Paul comments: “I hope I’ll be even more successful as I’ve learnt how to get the best from the resources available and how to use my time most effectively.” Having spent the... Read More