David Rogers

“After 10 years, I still very much enjoy what I do”

Renewing after 10 years

“It’s been 10 years and I still very much enjoy what I do. My business has grown each year and the financial rewards have been beyond my expectations. On average, I have earned over £100,000 a year! I want this kind of success to continue for my business.

“There are real lifestyle benefits to being your own boss; I have a passion for foreign travel and my work allows me to take 3 or 4 holidays a year. I can fit my work around my personal schedule so I still have time for the things I enjoy such as going to the theatre or music concerts with my wife, Karen, who works with me in the business.”

David Rogers joined Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) in 2001 after a successful career in Business Systems Management.

His experience of working to reduce procurement costs within his former roles is what has enabled David to relate to the ERA concept of applying market intelligence and negotiation skills to the benefit of clients, achieving fantastic savings without compromising on service or quality.

David’s clients over the last 10 years have enjoyed average savings of over 80% across a wide range of expenditure areas.
David came across an advert for ERA and was attracted to the idea of becoming a procurement consultant. Recognising the business model as the perfect fit with his own attributes, David came straight to ERA without considering any other franchise opportunities as the model was far better than what anyone else had to offer.

The benefits to being your own boss

“I enjoy having control over my own business as opposed to working for someone else. Managing my own business enables me to decide my own work load and how much I earn.”

Career Highlights

“There have been many successful projects over the last 10 years; one that really stands out is a relationship I’ve built with an iconic denim clothing retailer. The partnership with this super-brand has resulted in savings of £250,000 year on year, in stores across 20 different countries. In one category in particular, we achieved a saving of 82%, which the client was obviously delighted with.

“A personal highlight was purchasing my Jaguar; I was 44 when I joined and as my business developed I had a motivational mental image of taking delivery of a brand new Jaguar on my 50th birthday – and that’s exactly what I was able to achieve, only by developing a successful ERA franchise.”

“I would most definitely recommend ERA to anyone looking to pursue a franchise opportunity. The last ten years has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience, and I am already looking forward to the future for my business and myself.”
“I had a motivational mental image of purchasing a brand new Jaguar – and that’s exactly what I achieved by developing a successful ERA franchise.”

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