Derek Hodd

“I actually enjoy what I do, I do it because I enjoy it and I earn money out of it and I think that is a very special thing to have”

“I had a fairly modest expectation and I thought well this will provide me with £40-50k per year income and keep me going until retirement. The reality couldn’t be further from what I expected, it is a completely different dimension.

“I joined Expense Reduction Analysts in 1999, so I am in my 14th year as an associate. Previous to joining I was a director in a small company trading in metals having been the managing director of a similar company before that.

“One of the most exciting factors for joining Expense Reduction Analysts and the one that people talk a lot about is the work life balance, and I think I have an interesting work life balance. I work at strange times and I take time off. Next week I am going to Venice for a few days, where I will take the laptop with me and answer a few emails when I get there. As a result I am a bit of a paradox as I never stop working but I take a lot of time off.

“But as my wife knows, one of the other benefits of being your own boss is that it gives me a lot of opportunity to do things I may not have had the opportunity to do previously. I have bought a house in Spain on the back of this business, in addition to another house on the Isle of Wight.

“Starting any business takes a lot of effort I think, with a franchise that effort is both reduced and assisted by the quality of the people around you. Whilst the support that the Group Office provides is very good, the real support comes from your colleagues from within the network. There is a lot of strength and expertise in the network and from my experience, if you find that strength, that’ll help you to grow your business and pay you back.”

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