Miles Ashworth

“ERA has given me the lifestyle that I wanted. I get up early and I work hard. But I get to work with some fantastic people who have a similar work ethic to my own. And if I want to take time off during school holidays, or take the dogs out for a really long walk one day, then I can.”

“Choosing the right business for me”

“I didn’t rush into Expense Reduction Analysts,” says Miles Ashworth. “I had been a Development Surveyor; I was running office refurbishment projects and an import business; but I was looking for a new opportunity.

“I went to the Franchise Show to see if I could find some ideas so that I could set up a business for myself. I saw Expense Reduction Analysts and decided to go along to one of their Discovery Days to find out more”.

“ERA were very open. Part of my due diligence was speaking with other franchise partners which allowed me to discuss the proposition with lots of different individuals. I realised that here was a ready-made network of trustworthy business people who would be essential to my success as I could not possibly do this on my own.

“ERA offered a greater opportunity than its competitors”

“After doing my due diligence with other Cost Reduction Franchise Opportunities that were of a lower investment level, I could see that there was a greater opportunity with ERA and so I joined in May 2009.”

The first year was hard work. “I was starting from scratch and wanted to focus on client acquisition. Unlike some franchise partners who already have a specialist background with a well-developed niche proposition, I worked hard to get the first clients signed up. It was month 11 before the first money started to come in”.

“Targeting Different Business Types”

“People buy from people, and I feel that my prospects responded to my approach, which was just to talk honestly about the skills and services that ERA could offer them, rather than trying overtly to sell to them.”

Miles targeted a number of different businesses including manufacturers, nursing homes and pharmaceutical companies, amongst others. An Oxfordshire-based electrical manufacturer stands out as a very successful engagement with up to 40% savings across certain categories such as marketing print and telecoms.

Miles’ business has grown to the point where he can be more selective. “I realised it takes the same effort to analyse £30,000 or £200,000 of expenditure, so now I am more discerning.

“What is the Secret to your success?”

There is no secret to making a success of ERA. It is all about under-promising and over-delivering. Doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. Taking the workload away from the client. I love my business and ERA has given me the lifestyle I wanted”.

“People ask me if being self-employed like this is a risky business. In fact, in the case of Expense Reduction Analysts, it’s quite the reverse: if I stopped work tomorrow, my pipeline of fees would keep coming in for two years.”

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