St John Rowntree

I am glad I have joined, I actually had the opportunity to join the organisation about five years before I actually did.

The next time I became redundant it was almost without hesitation that I joined as I knew the business model as I had been watching the progress of the organisation over that five year period.

Currently and for the past 4 years, I have been focusing primarily on client acquisition. When I first joined I was doing a mix of acquisition, project management and actual projects, but now I solely focus on the acquisitions side and the business development part of my business.

Previous employment was as an operations director for a division of a global parcel shipping company and my current earnings are well above what I was earning there. Obviously there are overheads that we need to take into account and various costs I would not have been incurring when I was in permanent employment for somebody else, but certainly working for myself means that I am in control of my own destiny and it does mean that everything I earn I can control to a certain extent; the harder I work the more I can earn and the smarter you work the more you earn.

Over the eight years since I joined, I have seen my income grow steadily year on year around 20 to 25% increase per annum By the end of July, which will be my nine year anniversary with ERA, I will have billed over £1,000,000 so my average turnover is 100K per annum. Clearly the turnover in the first and second years were not £100K so I am doing a lot better now than initially, although I have to say I did have a good start, I worked extremely hard, some very long hours, and there were a lot of personal sacrifices, but often building your own successful business does sometimes demand this.

The lifestyle benefits of joining Expense Reduction Analysts are well documented, I have a lot more holidays than I used to, and I don’t have to ask anyone for permission to go away. I’ve paid off my mortgage, recently had a new kitchen installed and recently replaced my old car for a new Mercedes.

I would say that I have a pretty good lifestyle now and I am quite happy with the income I have got and how it is going and the ability to work when I want and need to work to a certain extent, and again how I have structured my business at the moment allows me to do that.

I’m averaging about 6 weeks holiday a year abroad together with long weekends so work hard play hard is my ethos.

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