The Safest Route to Self-Employment



92% of all franchise units in the UK
report they are profitable*

Success Rate

90% of new franchise units are
still profitable after 2 years*

Going It Alone

Only 20% of new businesses that ‘go it alone’
are still profitable after 18 months**
If you are looking to start up your own consultancy business, to gain freedom and control by becoming your own boss, then a franchise is a smarter option than going it alone. A business format franchise is a proven business model. You are investing in starting your own business following a well-trodden path to success. You are supported throughout your journey. We are invested in your success, a stakeholder whose reward is directly linked to the success of your business. We do not make money from your initial investment – these funds are used to setup and establish your business and we provide your with a full breakdown of where every penny is spent. Be your own boss and never be alone.

*Source: NatWest BFA Franchise Survey 2014
** Source: Bloomberg

Funding Your Future


Up to 70% Funding

available subject to status
The major banks agree and will lend you up to 70% of the initial investment (subject to status). This total initial investment includes the franchise fee, working capital and your personal expenses to maintain your current lifestyle whilst growing your new consultancy business over the first 12 to 18 months. One of the biggest reasons for people not succeeding with any given franchise is due to funding, so getting this right at the outset is key to your ongoing success. It’s vital that you are not under funded, but equally as important that you don’t over borrow too. ERA has a wealth of experience in business planning and funding, so we can guide you through this process and approach the lender of your choosing with the best possible chance of success.
“HSBC specialist franchise team have worked with ERA and their franchisees to provide a mutually beneficial package. Franchising is a safer option than going into business on your own. With ERA there is a tested format to follow, training and support is provided and a network of fellow franchisees to speak to, so although you own and operate your own business, you are not alone and support is on hand.”
“BFA member brands such as ERA, that have a successful track record over several years and that have prospered through the ups and downs of the economic cycle, are well placed to offer you the opportunity to build a successful business of your own.”
“NatWest has been working with ERA since they launched in the UK. I have known the business personally for over 15 years and have seen the business develop to where it is today. ERA are full members of the BDA and therefore meet stringent guidelines set down that businesses outside of the BFA often fall foul of.”
“RBS’s dedicated franchise team has over 30 years’ experience working with the sector. Organisations such as ERA and other BFA members offer people the opportunity to take on their own sustainable business, with the ongoing support structure provided by being part of a franchise.”